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Who should I hire to develop my software application?

Building a start up? Need a project developed for your company? Got an idea for a useful phone app?

There are many ways you can go. Here are the most popular options:

  • Large Software Development Software Company
  • Small Software Development Software Company
  • Freelance Developers
  • Outsourced Developers

There are many reasons why you would choose one over the other. But let us be real...there is ONE reason...drum roll.....MONEY!

If you have the money to pay for the best developers and make the best product you probably would. The reality is you are probably working with a budget that can afford a team from India or a recent computer science grad.

You probably heard all the negative stigma associated with outsourced teams. Is it ever ok to use them? Is it ever ok to buy a car for $500 to be your daily commuter? Yes, but it won't last wrong and will have a lot of issues. It's probably better to buy a used Honda for $5,000 or better yet, a brand new car!

You really have to consider what you are looking for. A rough prototype? A full scale application that supports thousands of users? Is your project well documented? Does it have moving parts? Do you want it to be visually pleasing and use the latest and greatest?

If you need help deciding who to use for your development needs visit www.LevelForward.com or contact our experienced consultants at contact@levelforward.com.

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